There are lots of different ways artists can work with producers – all of it starts with a conversation – so do get in touch and we can arrange a coffee or a Skype or similar.

Some things I can do:

  • Develop, produce & tour new theatrical works;
  • Project & partner development – identify the audience, venues, partners, etc.;
  • Strategic development – focus on your ambitions and create a 3 or 5 year plan;
  • Business readiness – get what you need in place to realise your artistic plans;
  • How to start & run a small company (including admin & statutory requirements);
  • Advice – coffee, guidance, thoughts, ideas, conversation;
  • Develop fundraising applications and/or strategies;
  • Showcase & tour internationally ;
  • Staff administrative, production and creative teams.

All of the above is about creating the space, allowing the time and securing the money to get your work seen.